Friday, March 15, 2013

Remnants of Old

Long ago when the Dawn War was fought, there were many fighters on both sides of the war. When the Dawn Titans were imprisoned, many of spirits that fought in the war remained close, as if continuing to fight them even in their death.
These noble spirits where twisted and corrupted over time, as all those who remain close to the primordials eventually are. 8 ancient eladrin nobles, long dead and forgotten by time, became corrupted from the energies of Mual-Tar, the Thunder Serpent. They became the Corrupted Eight, so focused in their guardianship of Mual-Tar that they strook out against anyone and everything, nothing that ventured into the prison of the primordial survived.

Our Sub-Primordial heroes faced off against these chaotic beings, and while the spirits power of corruption were strong, our Sub-Primordial's confidently stood against these foregone guardians and in claiming victory, released the Thunder Serpent, Mual-Tar.

Upon completing the so called "Circle Room", our heroes venture further into the innerds of Torog, finding themselves with a plethora of choices, with one very obvious one standing out. Behind the veil of this particular room stood a Satyr unlike any our heroes have seen.
Its wild and chaotic nature seemingly non-existent, this well tempored devilish Satyr introduced itself a Ailhoof and welcomed our heroes into its lab. There, he informed our Sub-Primordials that if they wished to fight him he would be more than happy to ablidge but that if their goal was to free his charge, then they were too late as he had set Maegera the Inferno free prior to their arrival.

Upon further communication with this unique guardian, our heroes learned that Ailhoof was infact commanded to set his charge free and that he was not allowed to discuss the particulars of how or why. Though, as they continued to talk with him they learned of his significant study of extracting energy and that he considered himself to be an ally to our heroes. Looking around them at his impressive lab, our heroes began to consider the benefits of taking some of his materials with them in their pursuit of crafting primordial artifacts and began speaking to Ailhoof about a trade. His interest seemed to be focused on obtaining the big bad wolf blood but an arrangement was never met.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Freeing Chaos

Delving ever deep into the bowels of Torog,
the MondaySlayers begin to tear through the great guardians of the primordials.
These defenders, once great soldiers of the gods, now nothing but ash.
Their once mighty stature was no match for the growing power of the Sub-Primordials
which continues to grow as they cut a path through their wouldbe hero enemies.
Their speed of slaughter was something to behold, and had any of the other primordials witnessed their might they might question giving their new allies such strength.
Freeing not one, but two of their primordial brethren,
our Slayers continue to look deeper into this dungeon,
every curious if they are to find any true rivals in such a place.



With their forces growing quickly, and the God's warring with eachother its only a matter of time before our Slayers reach critical mass and step out of the shadows to show the world their true might!