What is Godjammer?
Godjammer is a 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting that I designed to initially mimic the Forgotten Realms' world Faerun, but has since taken its own path seperate from that continuity. Much of this seperation is due to the sandbox nature of our game, meaning that all pieces are moving and that the players actions have significant impact on the world around them. As of right now, our Faerun seems to slowly converting into Dark Sun's world of Athas.

When do you play?
Our group meets up on Thursdays at 5:15pm at my house (10925 E 114th Ave, Henderson CO 80640)

What if I can't make that game time?
We understand that life happens, sometimes you might not be able to attend at all, while other times you might have to show up late. We're pretty chill when it comes to these things, all that we ask is that you show some level of committment to attending and we'll pretty much always be willing to work with you.

How can I join?
Shoot me an email (todd.roth@gmail.com), we're more than happy to have you join our game but before you can I'll need to know that you're interested and work out some of our more custom elements of the game.

What are the character creation rules?
Well, generally speaking we use the following:
*25 point buy
*inherrent bonuses
*any race
*any class with the exception of those that pull from the Divine or Shadow power sources
*none of the standard magic items are allowed, you'll start with 3 custom items decided by you and approved by me. This is why you'll need to contact me beforehand.
*We are currently level 26

I'm new to roleplaying/d&d/4e, can I join your game?
Absolutely! Our group is very receptive to new players and most of us are experienced community GM's, which means we'll be able to help you learn at an easy but solid pace. All that we ask is that you have the desire to learn.

How much longer is your campaign going to run?
Quick answer: a long time.
Long answer: This campaign has been running weekly since August of 2012. We started in a simple, well known world in the hopes of building a campaign out of a sandbox style of play. As you can read on the blog, we've succeeded rather impressively. Our world has gone from the typical Faerun(Forgotten Realms) and dang near converted into Athas(Darksun). As we near the end of the Godwar era(we still have several months of play before this happens), the characters will look to leave their footprints, at the conclusion of this the world will continue to live on and the players will begin new characters in the world they created, roughly 150 years into the future. This grandfather era will begin the campaign anew, solidifying the actions the players have taken already and allowing for the next generation of characters to leave their own. Needless to say, as long as theres interest theres no end in sight.

Why is it named Godjammer?
The name of the campaign dates back to the very beginning of our campaign when the Hunters of Hope found a spelljammer ship enfused with the godspark of Mystra. Thus they were using a Godjammer ship, which was very much a spelljammer ship with the additional ability to traverse time.

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