Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Progress Update (1/30/13)

The first week of joint cooperation was indeed a unique one. As both teams head into their respective battles they meet painful opposition to their goals.
First, there was the Sundays crew, facing off against the massive power of Torog and his blood swarm army. Starring down this powerful enemy our Slayers found themselves so overcome with anger that they eventually began taking it out on eachother dealing deep cuts, both physically and psychologically, to one another. What will the future bring to our infighting Slayers? Hopefully some stability in the group...

Monday's crew likewise contended with a dominating threat, but rather that it being in the shape of internal strife, it was dished in the form of an ancient Orc huntsman and his faithful Nightmare mount. Their battle waged on all night, concluding in the great huntsman drawing his last breath and freeing the once imprisoned Primordial of fire and water, Piranoth.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Progress Update

Wasting no time, the Slayers of Soverigns subgroup "Mondays" tackled the innerds of the great god Torog. Finding a mystical path leading up to 3 different doors our heroes carefully looked over their options.
In the first room they found an ancient tomb, the pillars and stone structures obviously worn down by the test of time. Watching closely they saw several skittering things.
In the second, they precieved a massive battlepit with a large horse-like creature seemingly standing guard.
In the third, they viewed a large dinning area complete with 5 creatures.

Unfortunately much of what they could see was masked by a unique magical dim-light openning leading into each room. With the war raging on outside Mondays had to quickly choose their target.. and choose they did. Left, as it were, happened to be room 1, which delved our heroes deep into the heart of a tomb of demonic undead spiders, gifts from Lloth as it were, with the goal of sealing away a hunting primordial. Mondays defeated the room but not without sustaining large amounts of damage, the challenges in here were far beyond what they had encountered before this point and it was clear the road they had taken was not going to be gentle, afterall, our heroes backed the losing party of the previous Dawn War.
Regardless, Mondays success in this challenge was impressive and they succeeded in unbinding the next Primordial to join their cause: Kezef the Chaos Hound!

Monday, January 28, 2013

King that Crawls (Game Intro: Jan 20-21 2013)

Long ago a war flared between two extremely powerful groups: The Pantheon Gods and the Dawn Titans. Both sides warred with unfathomable power but eventually the Dawn Titans, now known as Primordials, were defeated.
Killing such ceatures proved to be troublesome, however allowing them to remain active was unacceptable, so the Gods sealed the Primordials away believing that using different bonds to bind them would provide them time to secure the others should one of the Dawn Titans be freed.
In truth, these prisons stood strong over a vast length of time until one paramount mistake was made on the pantheons part: a divine spark chose the domain of prisons, and unwittenly formed a bond between these great bound beings.
Taking no break in their duties of changing the world, the Slayers of Soverigns look to free these long imprisoned enemies of the Gods, taking up their blunts and blades and directing them towards He Who Imprisons, the King that Crawls, the one and only... Torog.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

What Once Was, Part 2

Once again through the looking glass, the Hunters time jump to the near future to see if O was holding up his side of the bargain. And sure enough, all that the Hunters had asked for had been given to them, but O's amount of control over existence was staggering and it didn't take time travelers to see the changes that were being put into action. Another quick jump to the far future and the Hunters witnessed a deafening sight, massive armies of undead and earthy dwarven creatures were waging war with one another across all of existence.
After finding O again, the Hunters learned that he had brought the entire pantheon of god's into the fold of undeath and had merged with most of them. After obtaining the energy they had so long sought, and directing it into the Godjammer ship itself they decided to head back to before the dawn of their Overgod creation and undo what they had did, little did they know that the transformation and revival of Mystra was well underway and as they finished their task to undo their work, literally leaving a note for themselves, their godjammer ship transformed and vanished.
Stuck in the far past, the Hunters wondered why their revived Goddess just wouldn't take them with her. It wasn't long before the TimeKeepers, powerful soldiers of Labelas, finally caught up with our Hunters and took them into custody.
Having accomplished their task gave the Hunters a great sense of satisfaction and a near fearless outlook on the possible punishment that could be inflicted upon them. Though this fearless approach was soon to be realized as unnecessary.
After returning to Labelas' domain for punishment, they found his entire domain empty. Apparently they were needed elsewhere and after a quick excursion by the TimeKeeper they found themselves standing in an arcane temple of the likes they had never seen. Being led into the main chambers they were met by their fellow Mystra worshippers that they had long since said goodbye to, a large contingent of TimeKeepers, Labelas himself and an unknown teenage girl who would soon reveal herself as Mystri, revived goddess and next incarnation of Mystryl.
They were met with a roaring sound of applause, the gratitude was so thick you could cut it with a spoon. After the applause had died down, our Hunters were introduced to Mystri who informed them of the true nature of the Hunters of Hope.. that they were in fact hands of The Weave, and that their desire to serve her was in fact them recognizing the connection that she had to the Weave. She then took them into an extremely well hidden back room and introduced them to The Weave (personified).
It was there that the Hunters would learn of their true fate, that they were the hands of the Weave, the devices the Weave used to inflict its brand of order and to ensure that fate couldn't be avoiding by anyone or anything. It wasn't long after that our heroes found themselves deep in the thick of battle with unknown forces, both in time and defending Mystri's domain against an incursion of elite dwarves. It didn't take a genius to see there was some very powerful people trying to seize Mystri's domain from her, and in her newly reviven state she was rather weak to defend herself. Our Hunters knew they needed help.
Their first goal was to destroy the Lord of Blades, believing that they could take his Godspark and his arcane forge in which they could use to build a new army, finding help in this goal by a warforged named Egg. Learning of his lacking Godspark too late to matter, our Hunters defeated the accursed Lord of Blades, scourge to all who were living, and reclaimed his forge in the name of Mystri. After moving the forge back to Mystri's domain they had Egg begin their goal of creating an army of animates.
It wasn't long after the first batch was finished that our heroes realized they were going to need higher powered help, as their enemy was a fellow god.. of war. Clangeddin Silverbeard had declared war on Mystri for unknown reasons but it was clear he meant business. Our heroes knew that they would need assistance from another god/goddess, and with Mystri and Labelas nowhere to be found, our Hunters knew that they must take the recruitment process into their own hands... and what better ally than the great Platinum Dragon, the God of Justice... Bahamut.
A quick hop through time, and an unfortunate run in with a Warp Weave later, they found themselves conversing with Bahamut in his human form. Telling of their great story and the injustice being committed they were able to convince Bahamut, reluctantly until he had determined what was really going on, to help fend off Mystri's domain.
As time passed, Mystri's domain more or less being protected by Bahamut and his Gold Dragons, our hunters delved deeper into the rabbit hole and learned of a Primordials involvement with corrupting Clangeddin and forcing him in this war. Upon returning with this news Bahamut informed our Hunters that his help would no longer be, as Mystri was not what she appeared to be, that she had been corrupted in her revival and now served one of her mothers, the dreaded Shar.
Our Hunters, still loyal to Mystri began looking for solutions to her condition, believing that her other mother, the virtuous Selune would have answers. Our Hunters attempted to commune with Selune but she would have nothing to do with them as they were still connected to Mystri. Knowing of few other options our hunters decided to continue on their quest to free Clangeddin from his corrupter, delving into the very heart of Root Hold, Grumbar's domain.
Defeating the first line of defense, our Hunters were able to gain entrance into Grumbar's lair but it wasn't long before the defenses of the domain began to hinder our heroes progress, and in a desperate bout of fight or flight syndrome, the later being the selected, our heroes cast a ritual to escape the dreaded domain... only to be redirected to Grumbar's inner sanctum. There, after some downtime, they met with the massive earth primordial himself and were met with an unexpected proposition.. Grumbar wanted them to join his cause.
After much debate and deliberation, our Hunters of Hope agreed to Grumbar's terms and after an extremely powerful primal ritual, became the Slayers of Sovereigns, leaders of the combined armies of Grumbar and his Primordial allies. Their first task: find more allies by free'ing the bound Primordials and their first stop in this task was the throat of Torog, god of imprisonment and unwitting lackey to what would soon be called "The Great Release."

Saturday, January 26, 2013

What Once Was, Part 1

Once upon a time there was a powerful Goddess of Magic known as Mystryl. Mystryl had a long and painful history of dying and being reborn, however regardless of her form she always inspired greatness in her followers and soon a proud and devoute group of worshipers were formed. After Mystryl's last death, her reincarnation didn't occur right away, unwilling to sit and wait her followers began their journey to find a means of ressurrecting their goddess... they became known as the Hunters of Hope.
Their journeys were long but all awhile their goddess hadn't arisen, as each day passed they became more certain that they must succeed in their task to prevent her memory from disappearing completely.
Finally, they found what they were looking for, a sign that their goddess wasn't infact dead, but contained... waiting to be resurrected once again. This containment was in the form of a spelljammer ship, a vessel of emense power with the ability to sail the cosmos like boats sailed the ocean.
The ship was teaming with Mystryl's energy, granting it unique abilities, but paramount of these was time travel. Wasting no time the Hunters of Hope, leading the followers of Mystra, set out on their journey. Their first stop? Well, if the Hunters were going to navigate the vastness of time in search for magical items powerful enough to revive their goddess they would first need a map.. specifically, the Map of Time, which was intrusted to the current God of Time: Labelas Enoreth, the Lord of the Continnum.
While an ally to their fallen Goddess, Labelas was a stout believer in keeping History, and the part it plays in Time, unchanged and unabridged. Never would he willingly hand over the Map of Time knowing the Hunters plans, and so.. they didn't ask. The Hunters quickly put into action a plan to steal the map as it was originally placed in its vault. Navigating their way through the giant clock of a dungeon, the Hunters found themselves laying in wait for the object to be placed. Their hiding however did not go as planned as they were spotted by Labelas, who called for them to speak in private. After sharing their story and goals, Labelas understandably refused to allow them to take the Time Map but handed them his personal weapon, the Timestave.
While not what they were hoping for, The Timestave was both a generous and double-sided gift. It would allow the Hunters to seek out ripples in time, often brought about by other time travelers, the Hunters would then head off these other travelers and stop them before they could effect the past, thus doing Labelas' job for him and providing the Hunters with powerful magical items that these travelers no doubt had on them in the hopes of accomplishing their task.
After using the staff to track down the time incursions several times the Hunters began seeing a pattern of travelers without items of power, and while they were assisting Labelas with his tasks they were no closer to achieving their own. Still, the Stave was a powerful item and no doubt it would continue to serve a purpose. The Hunters needed a more direct approach to achieving their goal, and they knew just where to begin... Sigil, the City of Doors.
Sigil offered the Hunters a unique method of interacting with large groups of people from all over the Axis. As the leading trading hub it would provide value and resources that no other place could begin to compete with. However, Sigil in recent times has become an unwelcoming destination for those not in the know or holding great power, so the Hunters figured why deal with that mess when they can just go back into time to the very beginning of Sigil and begin setting up their society of Planeswalking looters.
As they arrived in the newly formed Sigil they found the city in vast disarray, no order or leadership could be seen of this place and most of the town consisted of shanty towns. After some research the party found that there was a vast magic binding cast over the city and that the portals led here but wouldnt lead to their intended target destinations, moreover they found that violence was apparently forbidden aswell as any creature performing a hostile action was banished to a random plane. It was clear that the Lady of Pain hadn't been banished here yet, bringing her own brand of order with her, and that this town was most inhospitable for their current goals. Still, the Hunters didn't stand for simple defeat and began to establish a few elements for the town, most notibly a temple who trained its followers to fight the Far Realm.
Upon returning to the City of Doors several years later, but just a blink of the eye for the Hunters, they found much had changed and that the ground work that they had established had already started growing into serious elements. They found the portals had been stablized and that the town was more or less being ruled by a rather powerful Lich. Upon more communication with the townsfolk, and even with the Lich himself, who went by the name of 'O', they found that the stability of the town, in the portals and structure of the town was thanks much to his, and his fellow Red Wizard's of Thay's doing. Unlike other Liches the Hunters have heard tails of, O seemed to be a generally decent being and eventually they struck up a deal with him. They would inform O of the Lady of Pain's exact time and place of her banishment, and in turn he would absorb her powers and place into action the design that the Hunters had for Sigil, specifically a magic tax upon all the portals that would instantly take a small portion of power from everything and everyone entering the City of Doors. O agreed to the terms and it wasn't long before he had the power of an Overgod.