Friday, May 24, 2013

Wings of an Angel

Staring down their former friends, our Slayers of Sovereigns take on a defensive stance, only to be caught off guard by Sky’s laughing. Having detected our heroes strength, the triad of Hunters of Hope couldn’t help but feel pity for the Slayers weakened nature. Fully glinting in excess magical items, no doubt a gift from their newly merged mistress MystShar, the triad stand confidently… so much so that they offer an honorable duel, one of their members vs the entire team of the Slayer. The catch? Our heroes would have to pick their destroyer…
After much discussion and scanning the magical strength of their former allies, the Slayers chose the groups leader, the chosen and revered Amos. Stepping back to let their leader work, the other members of the triad appeared to be upholding their bargain of letting the fight happen. Amos, on the other hand, wasn’t taking any chances, powering up to his maximum he charged in with remarkable speeds, catching our heroes off guard for a brief second. Recovering from the surprise almost as quickly as it happened our heroes find themselves one ally short after an intense round of attacking from Amos. However, that seemed to be the best that Amos could put out, as the rest of the battle favored the Slayers as they weaved in and out of Amos' nasty anti-healing aura.
After many rounds the combat was finally over, and Amos’ wrecked body laid beaten and unconscious. After stabilizing the fallen angel the Slayers proceeded to collect their spoils of war from their overconfident victim, while Valthas and Sky look on in amusement, quoting that although it was a hard fought victory they did in fact slay the weakest of their colleges, something that Sky and Valthas had apparently wanted. With a flick of Sky’s hand, Amos was again standing up, now next to his allies. Following that was another flick of Sky’s hand and a true portal was created behind them. As the always confident Sky and sulking Amos exit the battlefield, Valthas lingers behind to offer some parting words to our heroes… “Become stronger… when next we meet the Triad will fight as one… and we will be seeing you soon!”
Knowing that a fight with the entire team would be suicide at this point our heroes shutdown Sky's portal with an amazing show of their primal force, seconds after the Triad had left. Their fight having exhausted much of their resources, our heroes find a great dissatisfaction with their current item collection, but finding some solace in the lives they just saved they continue forth in a hunt for greater power.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Death of the Slayers

Annam All-Father... born as a Titan, gifted life by Piranoth the Earthmover, and now ruler of the Giant Pantheon of Gods. Indeed, he would make for a powerful ally... a fact that the Slayers are very much counting on. Having sent a diplomatic contingent of Grumbar, Maegera, and Piranoth to convince him to join their cause. With Annam at their backs, it might finally be possible to begin the uprising against the Gods... however, talks have just began and our heroes are nowhere in the vicinity. Instead, our heroes have chosen a different path...
On the island of Chult, in amongst the ancient dinosaurs and carnivorous plants rests the port town of Nyran. Their world torn asunder, many walks of life gather here in an attempt at peace, living out the remainer of the their days together.
This once profitable port town is overseen by the Great Paladin's of Ubtao, known to the Primordials as the Great Betrayer- having sided with the Gods during the last Dawn War. Once mighty, these Great Paladins have little power beyond money these days, having paid for the peace the town rests with. Fortunately for them, Chult is rich in resources and precious gems... but the day is quickly approaching when no wealth will be enough to protect the peace... This is the great Port of Nyran... and this is where our Slayers attempted to become Saviors...
Having arrived in Port Nyran through the powers of the Primal Weave, our Slayers attempt to spread out and listen to the hustle and bustle of the port town... only to be stopped by one of the town's guards. Speaking with the guard, our heroes find the mortals of this town easily manipulated with the promise of cookies, fake as they are.
Having found an unlikely ally in the guard, our heroes use his knowledge and understanding to easily move about the town. After a short talk our heroes learn of the Paladin's and their means of control, determining that being able to convince the leaders of the town to follow them would be a wise path.
      After much debate with the Paladin's, and more promising of non-existent cookies, our heroes finally convince the Paladin's to accept their offer to save their city and its inhabitants, taking them far away from this war in their soon to be completed, and very costly elemental spelljammer vessel know as the ARCC.
Leaving the gathering of the townsfolk to the Paladin's and their men, our heroes head back to the middle of town where they find themselves in the crosshairs between several angry parties. A riot of villagers looking to bleed our heroes dry via public execution for lies, several boats worth of pirates pissed about loosing their payouts, a legion of undead who appeared out of nowhere, and finally rampaging jungle creatures who are no longer being kept out by the towns guard.
Dealing with these threats rather quickly and easily, our heroes begin to rest up in preperation of their transit when they hear a familiar voice from behind them. "Heretics!" they're called, and upon spinning around they realize why... standing face to face are three remnants of our heroes pasts... three voices that became overshadowed by group vote... and three beings that our heroes weren't expecting... Amos... Sky... Valthas... Hunters of Hope.




Sunday, May 12, 2013

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire (of the Nine Hells)

We begin this story as the Slayers near the end of their jaunt through the Heart of Torog, staring down the great netherdragon Regalia. A dragon caught between Divine and chaotic energies, Regalia manifests itself as two separate beings, one pulling from divine ritual strength and the other fully engaging its darker half.
Regalia ended up being quite the challenge for our Slayers, enhanced by ritual energies he was neigh unstoppable. Eventually our heroes found the means to weakening those rituals, and were able to blow through the first quarter of Regalia’s life. Unfortunately, doing so triggered Regalia’s other half, the darker… deadlier half. Constantly being reamed by massive dark energy blasts, our heroes powered through the damage throwing everything they had, and more, at the great dragon. In the end, the battle concluded with a last turn victory via critical hit, dropping the great nether dragon mere milliseconds before it dropped the entire party and finally freeing the Master of the Pandemonum Stone, Bazim-Gorag.
Hard fought and well exhausted, our Slayers took a nights rest within the Heart of Torog, only to conclude that forward progression wouldn’t be worth the time invested. Desperate to return to the world and see how it faired, our heroes raced back to the mouth of Torog where they were whisked away by the familiar presence of the Weave, now primal in its power.
Upon returning to Roothold, the Slayers found their venerable leader in deep communication with an unknown visitor. Recognizing their presence in the room the visitor lifted its magical shield and revealed itself to be the one and only Asmodeus, Master of the Nine Hells.
More importantly, this master was wearing several familiar items, the helmet of the curator and the weapons of Corellon, all items that the party had sent to the Nine Hells in an attempt to pit Asmodeus against the Gods in the Godwar. Cutting his conversation short with Grumbar, Asmodeus turns and exits through a newly formed portal, inviting the players to join him for a private conversation.

Following the God of all devils through the portal, our Slayers arrived in his home temple. There they had an enlightening conversation with the Lawful Evil God of Tyranny, Civilization, and Knowledge. Revealing to them that he knew everything, about their attempts to kill him, and their plans to kill the gods, he applauded them in their aggressive approach and suggested one of his own: to form a blood pact between the devil and primordial legions in their bid to kill the Gods.
Needless to say, some of our Slayers were more conflicted with the decision than others, but after learning about the dire state of the world, having most of its natural life eradicated, our heroes realized that desperate times called for desperate actions…so have a great debate, some analyzing of the past, and some practicality processing our heroes agreed to go along with Asmodeus’ ruse on Grumbar and initiate The Pact.
The Ritual was impressive to say the least, the great forbearers of the devil and primordial races stepped forth and shed blood to bind this great pact, bleeding onto the impressively large contract and forming the Pact beast of which their vows have been bound.
Mere seconds after concluding the ritual, Asmodeus informed his new brethren that Roothold was about to be attacked by a force they could not beat and promptly encouraged everyone to return to his domain to conclude battle plans.
Having arrived in the great cathedral of the nine hells again, the primordial forces rally around the battle map to see just where all the forces of the gods lie. What would follow would be a massive session of tactical planning. For all their deeds, all their triumphs, and their continued loyalty, our heroes received many gifts from the freed primordials and above all, the right to dictate how the Pact forces would be dispersed.
After much deliberation, and a detailed account of the state of the world, our heroes opted to divide and recruit. Sending their forces after two goals. The first group being sent to rescue the survivors of the godwar trapped on the material plane, and the second group seeking out the assistance of Annam All-Father, leader of the Giant Pantheon, the long separated brethren of the Dawn Titans.