Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Death and Vengeance

Upon returning to their base the team spoke with Balcoth, who after hearing of their plight suggested they tackle the Tree of Worth, a place where dreams and reality are one in the same… so long as you can win. Our heroes agree to his terms and are sent to a competition where loosing can be just another step in obtaining your goals. Having knocked out the first 2 rounds of the competition our heroes are pulled back against their will before the final bout can begin. They return to shattered forces, their excursion into Annam All-Fathers realm gained them a great ally in Annam, who stood toe to toe with the Primordial forces, but it had come at a great sacrifice… Grumbar had fallen.
Feeling that it was his duty to speak up for his children, Piranoth gave a sermon that shook the Nine Hells. His anger over loosing a leader such as Grumbar to dwarven scum could not be hidden, upon pledging his and the entire army of Grumbar to following the Slayers. Asking for nothing more than being able to bleed the dwarf king for themselves, the Primordials fell in for the attack on Moradin’s base. Having agreed to be the decoys, the Slayers delve deep into Moradin’s entrance dungeon, drawing the attention of the few forces that survived the first encounter with their Primordial allies.
The slayers met fierce opposition in ancient constructs crafted by Moradin himself, but it was enough to give the vengeance seekers the surprise they needed to utterly destroy the Dwarf god and his allies.
Having claimed victory our heroes taste their very first divine spark, juicing themselves upon its powerful effects they find a might deep within it that they knew not of before… supreme power.