Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Groaning King, Crashing Wave

Each step, each shadow our heroes cross in their journey through the Heart of Torog brings huge leaps in their power, all awhile solidifying their positions as Sub-Primordials.
Painfully unaware of the events of the world while they remain in the Heart, our heroes can only assume that Grumbar is formulating plans with the other Primordials, and that the constant stream of formerly trapped Primordials brings new tactics and ideas to his war.
Remaining focused in their task, our heroes venture backwards towards the light to secure that which they skipped, that which was protected by the servants of Corellon… Solkara the Crashing Wave, the Tsunami Primordial.
The ancient Eladrin servants of Corellon were no match for our heroes and were banished permanently upon their death, leaving behind a few trinkets of Corellon’s might, the heroes considered the benefits of using such items but again decided to use the Nine Hells as a dumping ground, hoping to spark the seeds of deceit between the Devils and the Gods.
After dispatching the Corellon guardians our Sub-Primordials once again delved back into the darkness of Torog’s Heart and ventured to that which was guarded by Shar, Balcoth the Groaning King.
Upon entering the checkered room, our heroes found themselves looking at... themselves. The shadows of Shar twisted to extremes by the arcane and psionic energies of Balcoth had warped Shar's shadows into duplicates of our heroes. Fighting their shadows seemed an impossible task, seemingly immortal and directly tied to eachother, our heroes found Shar’s challenge quite imposing but never-the-less found themselves victorious once again, ultimately proving that the internal fight with oneself can be overcome.
Ignoring the potentially daunting question on if the shadows were still apart of them, or if the battle itself was even real, our heroes continue to look to the future and the guardians they can slay, setting their sights on the great Bahamut’s guardian: Regalia.

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