Friday, February 1, 2013

Bhaal Ball (Superbowl Sunday)

John, Announcer

"Welcome back to the Bhaal Ball Pregame Show. For all you first timers out there, and for those people who forgot to give praise to Oghma for their knowledge, we'd like to take a moment to remind you of the vast history and rules of Bhaal Ball."

Ssshisskaa, Announcer
"Thats right John, long into our ancient past we once upheld a powerful ritual to honor our God, Bhaal. This ritual consisted of two groups of eight combatants in an all out brawl of blood, guts and murder. I understand it was quite the scene."

"Haha, probably not as monumental as it is now, Ssshisskaa."

"No doubt, John. Time has aged this brawl into today's amazing sort: Bhaal Ball!"

"Thats right, more than the brawl it once was,
Bhaal Ball requires strategy and tactics
along with heroic levels of endurance.
And, as we all know, the grand daddy of the Bhaal Ball
games is almost here..."

"The Super Bhaal!!"

"Coming this Sunday the 3rd,
we will be watching the ravenous Buldamar Ravens
face off against the tenacious Saradush 49ers!"

"Both teams have overcome incredible odds
to make it here and we're bound to see some truely
heroic levels of play, perhaps even paragon!"
"Don't get ahead of yourself Ssshisskaa,
these teams may be great but dont forget that
the losers will be executed in accordance with the sports laws."

"A quick and painful death or vast wealth and riches...
quite the incentive to win!"

 "Indeed. Now lets move onto the rules of the game."
"Sounds great, first I guess we should point out
that each team is in a race to score 3 points.
They can score these points in one of two ways."

"First, theres always the option of
knocking all of your opponents unconscious."
"Thats right, and a favorite way in past history to win too.
The second method is by scoring with the Baal!"
"Ah yes, the Baal. At the start of the game,
the Baal begins in the middle of the field.
Both teams often fight for it
as it is the easier way to score a point
as all you have to do is
run it past the enemy's goal line."
"But wait, there's the catch! When the point is score,
the Baal resets to the middle of the field again where it can be picked up again, and usually with
a wide open field!"

"And thats pretty much everything,
the rules are open to allow all sorts of creativeness
but brutality is always the crowd pleaser."
"Thanks again for joining us at the Bhaal Ball Pregame Show,
we look forward to seeing you on the 3rd!"

---quick summary----
*Bhaal Ball is a 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons one-off game that features a battle bowl style game similar to football. It provides for a large quanity of players to be included in the same game by pitting two groups of players against eachother. 
*First to 3 points wins the game, multiple games as time and interest allows.
*Each team is made up of 8 members, this likely means you will control more than one character.
*The Baal begins in the middle of the field and you can score a point by taking it past the enemies goal line.
*You can also score a point by knocking the entire enemy team unconscious
*After a point is scored, encounter powers are recharged. After a game is over, daily powers recharge.
*After a point is scored, any unconscious allies stand up in their place with half their total hit points
*Character level is 6, you are not allowed to create bards or monks or use any feats connected to them
*Baal carrier can't make attack actions, however they still retain the regular amount of actions
*If unattended, the ball can be picked up with a minor action, free action if you have fast hands or similiar abilities
*If attended the Baal can be recovered through several methods:
          *Bull Rushing the Baal carrier will knock the ball free
                           (please note this does not include charge attacks)
          *Dazing/stunning/or banishing the Baal carrier will knock the ball free
          *You may steal the Baal using (thievery-10 vs reflex) (standard action)
          *You can cause the Baal carrier to drop the Baal using (intimidate-10 vs will) (standard action)
*You can throw the Baal if you desire, using either athletics/arcana/nature, resulting check is divided by 2 for distance (standard action), however the Baal can fall short and become unattended if the range doesnt meet your target, range is determined after the action to throw is confirmed.
*You can also protect your ability to hold onto the Baal by causing the next attack directed at you to target a skill check using either your bluff (juke), acrobatics (dodge) or endurance (guard) as a move action.

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