Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Progress Update (1/30/13)

The first week of joint cooperation was indeed a unique one. As both teams head into their respective battles they meet painful opposition to their goals.
First, there was the Sundays crew, facing off against the massive power of Torog and his blood swarm army. Starring down this powerful enemy our Slayers found themselves so overcome with anger that they eventually began taking it out on eachother dealing deep cuts, both physically and psychologically, to one another. What will the future bring to our infighting Slayers? Hopefully some stability in the group...

Monday's crew likewise contended with a dominating threat, but rather that it being in the shape of internal strife, it was dished in the form of an ancient Orc huntsman and his faithful Nightmare mount. Their battle waged on all night, concluding in the great huntsman drawing his last breath and freeing the once imprisoned Primordial of fire and water, Piranoth.

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