Friday, May 24, 2013

Wings of an Angel

Staring down their former friends, our Slayers of Sovereigns take on a defensive stance, only to be caught off guard by Sky’s laughing. Having detected our heroes strength, the triad of Hunters of Hope couldn’t help but feel pity for the Slayers weakened nature. Fully glinting in excess magical items, no doubt a gift from their newly merged mistress MystShar, the triad stand confidently… so much so that they offer an honorable duel, one of their members vs the entire team of the Slayer. The catch? Our heroes would have to pick their destroyer…
After much discussion and scanning the magical strength of their former allies, the Slayers chose the groups leader, the chosen and revered Amos. Stepping back to let their leader work, the other members of the triad appeared to be upholding their bargain of letting the fight happen. Amos, on the other hand, wasn’t taking any chances, powering up to his maximum he charged in with remarkable speeds, catching our heroes off guard for a brief second. Recovering from the surprise almost as quickly as it happened our heroes find themselves one ally short after an intense round of attacking from Amos. However, that seemed to be the best that Amos could put out, as the rest of the battle favored the Slayers as they weaved in and out of Amos' nasty anti-healing aura.
After many rounds the combat was finally over, and Amos’ wrecked body laid beaten and unconscious. After stabilizing the fallen angel the Slayers proceeded to collect their spoils of war from their overconfident victim, while Valthas and Sky look on in amusement, quoting that although it was a hard fought victory they did in fact slay the weakest of their colleges, something that Sky and Valthas had apparently wanted. With a flick of Sky’s hand, Amos was again standing up, now next to his allies. Following that was another flick of Sky’s hand and a true portal was created behind them. As the always confident Sky and sulking Amos exit the battlefield, Valthas lingers behind to offer some parting words to our heroes… “Become stronger… when next we meet the Triad will fight as one… and we will be seeing you soon!”
Knowing that a fight with the entire team would be suicide at this point our heroes shutdown Sky's portal with an amazing show of their primal force, seconds after the Triad had left. Their fight having exhausted much of their resources, our heroes find a great dissatisfaction with their current item collection, but finding some solace in the lives they just saved they continue forth in a hunt for greater power.

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