Sunday, May 19, 2013

Death of the Slayers

Annam All-Father... born as a Titan, gifted life by Piranoth the Earthmover, and now ruler of the Giant Pantheon of Gods. Indeed, he would make for a powerful ally... a fact that the Slayers are very much counting on. Having sent a diplomatic contingent of Grumbar, Maegera, and Piranoth to convince him to join their cause. With Annam at their backs, it might finally be possible to begin the uprising against the Gods... however, talks have just began and our heroes are nowhere in the vicinity. Instead, our heroes have chosen a different path...
On the island of Chult, in amongst the ancient dinosaurs and carnivorous plants rests the port town of Nyran. Their world torn asunder, many walks of life gather here in an attempt at peace, living out the remainer of the their days together.
This once profitable port town is overseen by the Great Paladin's of Ubtao, known to the Primordials as the Great Betrayer- having sided with the Gods during the last Dawn War. Once mighty, these Great Paladins have little power beyond money these days, having paid for the peace the town rests with. Fortunately for them, Chult is rich in resources and precious gems... but the day is quickly approaching when no wealth will be enough to protect the peace... This is the great Port of Nyran... and this is where our Slayers attempted to become Saviors...
Having arrived in Port Nyran through the powers of the Primal Weave, our Slayers attempt to spread out and listen to the hustle and bustle of the port town... only to be stopped by one of the town's guards. Speaking with the guard, our heroes find the mortals of this town easily manipulated with the promise of cookies, fake as they are.
Having found an unlikely ally in the guard, our heroes use his knowledge and understanding to easily move about the town. After a short talk our heroes learn of the Paladin's and their means of control, determining that being able to convince the leaders of the town to follow them would be a wise path.
      After much debate with the Paladin's, and more promising of non-existent cookies, our heroes finally convince the Paladin's to accept their offer to save their city and its inhabitants, taking them far away from this war in their soon to be completed, and very costly elemental spelljammer vessel know as the ARCC.
Leaving the gathering of the townsfolk to the Paladin's and their men, our heroes head back to the middle of town where they find themselves in the crosshairs between several angry parties. A riot of villagers looking to bleed our heroes dry via public execution for lies, several boats worth of pirates pissed about loosing their payouts, a legion of undead who appeared out of nowhere, and finally rampaging jungle creatures who are no longer being kept out by the towns guard.
Dealing with these threats rather quickly and easily, our heroes begin to rest up in preperation of their transit when they hear a familiar voice from behind them. "Heretics!" they're called, and upon spinning around they realize why... standing face to face are three remnants of our heroes pasts... three voices that became overshadowed by group vote... and three beings that our heroes weren't expecting... Amos... Sky... Valthas... Hunters of Hope.




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