Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Progress Update

Wasting no time, the Slayers of Soverigns subgroup "Mondays" tackled the innerds of the great god Torog. Finding a mystical path leading up to 3 different doors our heroes carefully looked over their options.
In the first room they found an ancient tomb, the pillars and stone structures obviously worn down by the test of time. Watching closely they saw several skittering things.
In the second, they precieved a massive battlepit with a large horse-like creature seemingly standing guard.
In the third, they viewed a large dinning area complete with 5 creatures.

Unfortunately much of what they could see was masked by a unique magical dim-light openning leading into each room. With the war raging on outside Mondays had to quickly choose their target.. and choose they did. Left, as it were, happened to be room 1, which delved our heroes deep into the heart of a tomb of demonic undead spiders, gifts from Lloth as it were, with the goal of sealing away a hunting primordial. Mondays defeated the room but not without sustaining large amounts of damage, the challenges in here were far beyond what they had encountered before this point and it was clear the road they had taken was not going to be gentle, afterall, our heroes backed the losing party of the previous Dawn War.
Regardless, Mondays success in this challenge was impressive and they succeeded in unbinding the next Primordial to join their cause: Kezef the Chaos Hound!

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