Monday, January 28, 2013

King that Crawls (Game Intro: Jan 20-21 2013)

Long ago a war flared between two extremely powerful groups: The Pantheon Gods and the Dawn Titans. Both sides warred with unfathomable power but eventually the Dawn Titans, now known as Primordials, were defeated.
Killing such ceatures proved to be troublesome, however allowing them to remain active was unacceptable, so the Gods sealed the Primordials away believing that using different bonds to bind them would provide them time to secure the others should one of the Dawn Titans be freed.
In truth, these prisons stood strong over a vast length of time until one paramount mistake was made on the pantheons part: a divine spark chose the domain of prisons, and unwittenly formed a bond between these great bound beings.
Taking no break in their duties of changing the world, the Slayers of Soverigns look to free these long imprisoned enemies of the Gods, taking up their blunts and blades and directing them towards He Who Imprisons, the King that Crawls, the one and only... Torog.

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